Strangelust – The Original North Carolina Metal Sex Fiends


Mixing styles of new metal, power metal, hard rock, and old school heavy metal… Strangelust takes their influences and meshes them together creating a sound that is uniquely their own.  The band rose to prominence on the local music scene during the heyday of the “Wilson Metalfests” in 1999-2000 and recently reformed for a few reunion shows around the NC area in 2011.

We have packed this website full with history from the band, photos and videos of recent shows and even some old school stuff to check out.  Our merchandise store is now online in which you can securely order shirts & other items.  The band’s latest release “10 YEARS PAST YESTERDAY” is also now available to purchase from iTunes as well as other major online digital music stores.

Check out the band’s most recent video below for the ballad “After The Storm”: