Strangelust – The Original North Carolina Metal Sex Fiends

Band Bio

What are they going to do next??? A question many asked when Strangelust prepared to take the stage. Whether the band was banging out a simple set on a tiny stage in a local pub or going over the top with a killer light show and inviting exotic dancers to share the stage… you just never knew what to expect from a Strangelust show.

People asked “Where did the name come from???” The band name was actually voted on by friends and fans from a long list of possible band names and it was the overwhelming favorite to all. Regardless of origin, those good ole times back in the days with the Strangelust guys proved that the name fit the band perfectly.

Strangelust was formed in November of 1998 by former members of various local bands within the North Carolina area. There was a lot of NC Metal history within Strangelust as the members had previously been in such bands as Drill 187, H8, Automag, Paindance, Hidden Terror, Chronic Death, and others. After a short run as a 5 piece band in early 1999 before losing guitarist Daniel Sharpe, Strangelust modified into a tight 4 piece unit which kept the same band members up until the band parted ways in late 2001.

The band recorded a 5 song CD entitled “Slave To None” in January of 1999. “Slave To None” moved nearly 1000 copies, which were sold exclusively at shows and select music stores throughout North Carolina. Strangelust also contributed the track “I Stand Alone” to the two volume Raleigh music compilation CD, entitled “Whisper To A Scream”.

Throughout 1999 and 2000, Strangelust hammered it out in various clubs and stages in the North Carolina area. The band appeared on local TV shows and received radio airplay on college radio stations. The lust invaded various newspapers, local magazines, websites, and online newsletters.  For 3 consecutive events, Strangelust was one of the headlining bands of the annual North Carolina Metalfest, held in Wilson, North Carolina.

Was it possible to mix styles of new metal, power metal, hard rock, and old school heavy metal… while at the same time appealing to fans across those genres?  Strangelust gave it their best shot, and created numerous memories along the way.

In 2011, the band regrouped to perform a few “reunion” shows around the Eastern North Carolina area, since it was the 10th anniversary of the band splitting ways.  There was a dilemma though as it was virtually impossible for all 4 of the original members to play the shows.  Original drummer J Sherrod had moved to Nashville, TN a few years back and was a member of the semi-national touring hard rock outfit HARLOTT.  Added to that, original bassist Rand had left the music scene years prior with no intention on returning.  Strangelust reached out to longtime friends Robbie Mercer (who just so happened to be J’s cousin as well as former roommate) and Bob Grissom (who had played in bands with members of the band many years prior).

Coincidentally, it just so happened that the 20th anniversary of the NC Metalfest also took place in 2011 as well.  The band performed at a prime spot on the main stage of a 30 band, 3 stage festival at the Wilson County Fairgrounds to an awesome response from the audience.

The current version of Strangelust is not actively seeking bookings at this time as they are working to release some of the old material recorded years ago into the digital realm, but all potential opportunities will be considered.