Strangelust – The Original North Carolina Metal Sex Fiends


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Wolf – Scumfeast

When the sun finally set below the horizon the lights went up and on the stages came the “troo” Metal. Yes for all of you people reading this (and I know you are) who are from other parts of the country as well as overseas (SFM666 is big in Europe) North Carolina has some decent Black Metal, Death Metal and Thrash but the lion’s share of this state’s greatness lies in classic Heavy Metal, NWOBHM and Power Metal bands. Unfortunately for us at the merch table someone nearby blew out the power on the outdoor outlets. We ran a cord over to one power poll to turn on our lights and we got zip. We had flashlights but once it got really dark sales dropped to zip as well. That was ok because it gave us unlimited time to catch some outstanding performances. STRANGELUST is another band from the state’s Metal past who I never seen before (which features Glen Stewart from the website NCSCENE on vocals) and surprised the crowd by pulling out a NAZARETH cover “Hair of the Dog”. At the end of their set they left most in the crowd in front of the 1st stage yelling for more, the younger ones scratching their heads asking “did they originally do that song” and me at the merch table saying “I can’t believe they did a fuckin NAZARETH cover.”

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Adrenaline Fanzine

To me, the music is similar to “old school” metal. Power metal is more what I’d consider it to be though. The vocals remind me of a cross between older Megadeth and maybe a little older Anthrax. But that’s just my brain’s view on it. I’ll let you be the judge. Overall the band is cool (but not quite modern enough for me). Check them out if they seem interesting to you. They have potential.

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